About Us

Who we are:
We are a homeschooling family who loves to use our days off as an opportunity to explore places we have not yet visited around Nova Scotia.  From exploring waterfalls, caves, and cliffs to collecting shells, fossils, and rocks our family loves to discover Nova Scotia’s beauty. After seven years of travelling back roads, there are still many places we have yet to see.

We are trying to visit every lighthouse and find as many geocaches hidden around the province as we can.

We are discovering that many Nova Scotians and tourists simply are not aware of many of the wonderful sites that are tucked away out of view. We hope this site encourages you to explore and take in the breathtaking beauty of this province.

We obviously have not come close to describing all the wonderful sites that exist, but will continue to add them as we get time. Feel free to make us aware of other sites we may not have yet heard about and we will make an attempt to visit them if we can. Every site posted is one we have personally visited and feel is worth promoting. Let us know if there is some way we can make the site more beneficial to you.