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This is an aggressive hike, there and back, and requires a full day (see the hiking directions below).  Not recommended for young children. Enjoy walking along the beach searching for amethyst, agate and other amazing rocks! Look for seals, whales, bald eagles, and other animals as you make your way to Amethyst Slide. We’ve seen each of these animals here at some point.  The beach is covered in collectible rocks so you will want to stop every 10 seconds to pick one up, but remember you will need to climb back up a 500ft ridge on your return!

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GPS Coordinates for parking: N45o18.876′  W64o25.771′


From Hwy 101 or west of Wolfville take Hwy 358 north, past Canning  all the way to Scots Bay and beyond. The road will turn into Cape Split Rd. Follow this road along the coast until you come to a parking lot at the very end. This is the parking area for the Cape Split hike which is also be the starting point for getting to Amethyst Cove.

Amethyst Cove Hiking directions:

The directions below are old and from a time before the new parking lot was created. Therefore the directions may be a bit confusing. There is a “shortcut” that exists across the field at the beginning of the field. Our hesitation in mentioning it is that there were “No Trespassing” signs erected at the beginning of the path.

To get to Amethyst Cove requires navigating a maze of trails through the woods. We will provide GPS coordinates to identify the various paths. The hike to the top of the cliff is about 30 minutes. The descent down the 500ft ridge is very steep and you will need to make use of the ropes to assist you. You may want to bring your own gloves to prevent rope burn. We suggest planning your hike to arrive at this point several hours before low tide. Measure your time spent on the beach. Depending on how far you travel the beach, this is a long day of hiking and you will be exhausted on the return trip. BRING LOTS OF WATER!

Follow the Cape Split Hike trail.
Turn right at N45o19.097   W64o26.028  The path will fork and you can take either as they meet up again. The higher path is usually drier.
Turn left on a small path at N45o19.091   W64o25.851
Turn left on a main trail at N45o19.128   W64o25.826
Turn right at N45o19.345 W64o25.889
Turn left at N45o19.357   W64o25.808  This is a small, obscure trail often marked with a neon tie.
You will arrive at the top of the ridge at N45o19.390   W64o25.789
The base of the ridge is at N45o19.459   W64o25.762
Amethyst slide is located approx 3 km east.

Note: ScotiaSites does not assume any responsibility for the state or safety of the sites listed here. Use at your own risk.

  • The Stricklands

    Was an exhilerating hike…however…some simplified directions as followed….go to the Cape Split Trail parking lot…..immediately to your right is a field….cross that and you will find the beginning of a 4 wheeler trail….this continues for about 15 minutes uphill…you will see on your left a smaller trail marked with a peice of rope and blue ribbon…follow that for about 1 minute and you will find the rope and bucket of gloves to go down over the ridge….I wouldn’t reccomend going on a rainy day…and gloves are a must…have fun!

    • Scotiasites

      Thanks for the input. We will look for this trail. I was thinking there had to be a shortcut. We’ll go check it out and place new gps coordinates if it looks good…when we get a chance…

      • Lisa Yvonne

        Hi,did you ever check out this shortcut?

        • ScotiaSi

          1) With the new renovations of the parking lot…some of the GPS coordinates will have changed in the early phases.

          2) It is true that there is a short cut, however it is over private property with No Trespassing signs. I believe there are some paths that may access the this trail, but I have not had a chance to go there lately to document that approach.

  • gcrogers

    I am hoping to check out Amethyst Cove on a camping trip to Blomidon this September. Anyone been out there recently? what shape is the trail in? Is the shortcut described intact at all/can a person seek permission to use it?

    • Grunter

      Gcrogers, we went Tu 08/11. Path from parking lot was not apparent. No sign for it. Went up cape split trail to first side trail on right. Clear but swampy and unused. It took us to the “real” trail left up the hill. Pass a small cabin, follow to top of ridge marked with flagging and old rope. Rope descent was terrifying but the ropes were strong enough and me, my wife and 13 year old did it ok. We went past the amethyst area on some bad advice but it is one of the last coves that can be seen from the rope path to the east. Found bits of amethyst and lots of nice agate, aventurine etc. Hard hike but up the ropes was was way easier than down! Russ, Pam & Nate

      • gcrogers

        Thanks a million for the quick and detailed reply. I am still on the fence on this one, as there seems to be a lot of other more easily accessible places nearby to explore – and I will have my wife and 9 and 12 year old boys with me for the trip. About how long did it take you?

  • JNewman

    Hello Gcrogers,
    My wife and I hiked the trail August 20th a cool overcast morning but a much warmer afternoon. I backpacked three bottles of water several sandwitches, granola bars, all were needed & gone by the end of the journey. I looked for the shortcut trail near the parking lot, again not apparent….but check near the tree line as you walk toward the trail, .. did not give it a serious look as I was familiar with the main trail and the first Right turn was a short 6-7 Min walk. I did not have a GPS device but followed the path and most of the turns were accompanied by red/maroon tie/ribbons on trees. I used the above GPS directions as a guide. My main obstacle was convincing my wife to trudge on!! This path was muddy in spots, we needed to hop over/under trees in the path or go around them early on. Once on the ridge line (15 Min -20 min or so with breaks). the path narrowed somewhat but the above directions & ribbons on the tree again led us to the ropes.

    Hiking shoes recommended, gloves are a must, there were 3-4 pair hikers had left for others, The trail down the hill was slippery in spots from the AM dew & at times you could lose your footing from the loose gravel, we used the ropes approx 90 -100%. I have been very athletic since childhood and thought the trip down was fun, my wife ..unathletic and the right fielder on her coed softball team was not enthused and threatened to turn around several times out of fear. Again, my wife though going up with a friendly push on her behind was easier than coming down the hill.
    Destination arrived on the beach …many interesting rocks .. quartz,, agate, jasper were found closer to cliff line.
    A hike I will always remember, My wife said challenging, terrifying but concluding with a sense of accomplishment.
    Jim & Pam

    • gcrogers

      Thank you so much for the reply! much appreciated!!!!

  • PauleyKV

    As someone who hiked this trail recently I do find that the information on this site as well as the reviews aren’t fully honest. This is a very difficult hike. If you are not an avid rock climber it is not something I would suggest. It will take every single ounce of physical energy and muscle you have just to get down the cliff. Getting up is not easier than going down either, it is just as difficult. I would not recommend this for anyone but the rock climbing enthusiasts.