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Hidden along the Bay of Fundy, Black Hole is one of our favorite sites to visit. You would never stumble across it on your own without directions. A scenic walk along a stream brings you to the top of a gorgeous waterfall. After enjoying the view of the falls, journey 5 minutes along the stream to Black Hole Cove. If you timed your visit with low tide you will be able to explore sea-carved caves and unique rock formations. Be sure to keep your eyes open for amethyst and other semi-precious stones!

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GPS Coordinates for parking: N45o13.922′  W64o29.698′
GPS Coordinates for waterfall: N45o14.037′  W64o29.602′
GPS Coordinates for the cove: N45o14.159′  W64o29.795′

Directions to Parking: 
From Hwy 101 (exit 11) or west of Wolfville, follow Hwy 358 north to Canning.
Turn left (west) on Hwy 221 toward Sheffield Mills.
Turn right (north) on Black Hole Rd.
Turn left (west) on Gospel Rd.
Turn right (north) on Baxters Harbour Rd.
Turn right (east) on Old Baxter Mill Rd. until you come to the junction of Black Hole Rd. It is better to travel this route than up Black Hole Rd. the entire way to avoid travelling a dirt road.
Park at the bend along the side of the road.

Directions to the Falls and Cove:
What maps show as Bigelow Cove Rd is obviously not an existing road, but a path through the woods fit only for walking or ATV’s. Follow this trail for 10 minutes until you reach a small stream bed (this may have running water if there has been lots of rain). Follow the stream bed to the left a few meters until you come to a larger stream.

For a top view of the waterfall, stay on the west (near) side of the stream until you reach the top of the falls. Be very careful.

For a bottom view of the falls and to get to the cove, you must cross the stream at some point. There are usually rocks and fallen trees to assist you.  Follow the far side of the stream until you reach the waterfall. There are usually ropes present to assist you as you climb down the very steep path. At the bottom you will experience and incredible view of the falls.  Continue downstream to reach the cove. Be wary of the tides.

Note: ScotiaSites does not assume any responsibility for the state or safety of the sites listed here. Use at your own risk.

  • Mac15

    What would be the approximate time for this? Would love to hunt for some amethyst and agate. Amethyst cove looks a little on the tough side for my 8 year old daughter.

  • wanda

    I see that this is privately owned property and is up for sale. Hopefully the purchasers will still allow public access.