Martinique Beach

Martinque Beach


This beautiful white sandy beach just 45min outside of Dartmouth, is our favorite beach.  Enjoy a scenic drive and discover a land of ocean just beyond the trees.  Take a walk down the 5 kilometer beach and enjoy watching the waves crash while keeping your eyes open for sand dollars. Due to the large waves, Martinique is a favorite destination for boogie boarders, surfers and water lovers.

Wave Height and Water Temperature Here

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From Dartmouth, follow Hwy 7 (Main St. ) east out of the city.
Hyw 7 will turn into Hwy 107. Stay on the 107 all the way to the end, passing Lake Echo and Porter’s Lake.
At the end of Hwy 107 turn right (east) on Hwy 7.
Follow Hwy 7 into the town of Musquodobit Harbour.
In town, across from the train museum, turn right (south) on East Petpeswick Rd.
Follow this road for approximately 12km. Watch for the Park sign on your left.
If you go too far, East Petpeswick Rd.  ends abruptly in a small cul-de-sac.

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  • Julie

    This is a great beach

  • David Tonen

    This is one of the best beaches in N.S.! The sand literally goes for miles and on a sunny day – it is heaven!