Burntcoat Head provides a unique landscape along the Bay of Fundy! At low tide you can walk along the ocean floor as you look for shells, rocks and even fossils. Explore the many water eroded indent caves along the cliffs. A replica lighthouse serves as an interpretative centre.


GPS Coordinates for parking: N45o18.646′  W63o48.355′
GPS Coordinates for beach: N45o18.684′  W63o48.452′

From Highway 215 take the Burncoat Rd. north. This road forms a C off the 215.
Part way along he road is a drive that heads north to the Burntcoat Head light house and a group of cabins presently called the Shangri-La Cottages.
At the end of this drive is a parking lot with access to the museum and top of the cliffs.

To access the beach, follow a trail to the left (west) where you will find a set of stairs taking you to the Fundy Floor.


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