Shubie Beach

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Shubie Beach is located on Lake Charles in Dartmouth and is connected to the Shubie Park Trails system. Lifeguards are present during the summer season. This is a great place for children to swim, explore and walk along the canal trails. Take along some sunflower seeds to feed the chipmunks and chickadees. Parking is located just outside the Shubie Campground.


GPS Coordinates Parking Lot:  44° 42.426’N  63° 33.191’W
GPS Coordinates Beach: 44° 42.500’N  63° 33.214’W

From Dartmouth Hwy 111, follow the Waverly Rd.  (hwy 318) north to Jaybe Dr.
Turn left (northwest) on Jaybe Dr. and follow to the Shubie Campground Parking lot.
Park at the far end (north side) of the parking lot and follow the path down the hill into the woods.


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