York Redoubt

Halifax County, Historic

York Redoubt is an old fortification overlooking the Halifax Harbour. It features old buildings, underground ammunition depots, a  lookout station and lots of large cannons. During tourist season a tunnel and underground staircase lead through the exterior wall to the lower grounds outside the fort. These grounds contain walking trails and additional ruins, including tunnels carved through the rocks.

The batteries at York Redoubt were first built in 1793 at the beginning of the war between France and Britain.  When French battle ships were seen in the Western Atlantic, York Redoubt’s batteries were quickly erected to secure the safety of Halifax and its people. Over the years York Redoubt added to its fortress and strengthened it heavily, making Halifax one of the safest, most heavily guarded cities in all of North America.


GPS Coordinates for parking: N44o35.798′  W63o33.223′
GPS Coordinates for cave: N44035.626  W063033.003

From Halifax’s Armdale Rotary, take the Herring Cove Rd exit up the hill to Purcells Cove Rd on the left.
Follow Purcells Cove Rd past Sir Sanford Flemming Park and past Purcell’s Cove. There will be a small sign advertising the park one kilometre in advance.
Turn left (east) on Fergusons Cove Rd. (opposite Aarons Way).
The distance from the beginning of Purcell’s Cove Rd to Fergusons Cove Rd. is 7.9km
Immediately turn right into the fortress parking lot.


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