Shubie is a walker’s paradise snuggly hidden away within Dartmouth. Located along the historic Shubie Canal, its has scenic views of the canal between Lake Micmac and Lake Charles. Be sure to bring your camera and sunflower seeds to feed the chickadees and chipmunks! Feeding the waterfowl is prohibited. There is also a dog off-leash portion in the park.

The Shubie Canal was built to connect Halifax Harbour with the Bay of Fundy.  It did so by connecting a series of lakes and rivers with the aid of railways on inclined planes, canals and locks. The construction started in 1826 but the company (Shubenacadie Canal Company) that was building the canal went bankrupt and progress stopped. Later in 1854  the Inland Navigation Company continued the work and finished the project.  Unfortunately, by the time they finished it in 1861, the railway had been built and the canal was no longer needed.


GPS Coordinates for parking: N44o42.142′  W63o33.262′

From the Circumferential Highway in Dartmouth, follow Highway 318 (the Waverley Rd.) north.
Immediately after a set of lights at Montebello Dr., turn left (west) on to Locks Rd.
Follow Locks Rd to the parking lot at the end.


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